You sit all day at the computer working on your business because this is the busy season and you want to make the most before the January low. You are often working in cafes and eating whatever is available at the time because you simply don’t have time for meal prep.

Exercise? What is that? You are so stuck in your business that you have created that you have not made time for yourself in a while. The gym is a distant memory and the thought of finding one in your latest location is time consuming and not something you fancy doing right now.

I hear you, hell I have been there!!!

get results

I have put together a program that will kick your butt into motivation mode. I will give you workouts for the next 4 weeks that you won’t need a gym for and you can do in your housesit, Airbnb or even the beach, the choice is yours.


I will be teaching you to eat intuitively! Yes you read that right! No silly diets on this program. I don’t believe in them. I believe in eating what you want in moderation and building a body that will allow you to do just that!


On this program you get access to a members only area of the website that will everything you could need to get started.


Initial 30 min on boarding call with me to go through any health issues or concerns you may have that could need to be adapted in the group.


Downloadable program that will be personalised to you as needed.


Video how to’s of how to use my fitness pal


Downloadable workbook to help you learn to listen to your body


Weekly Q&A sessions in the Facebook group for you to ask anything at all.


Optional supplement guide that could help you accelerate your results.

Investment Cost: $75


I have spent 5 years travelling the world, working from cafes, Airbnb, housesits, pretty much anywhere there is wifi. I understand how hard it is to be motivated when you have so much work to do and no support community to be there and give you the motivation that you so badly need. So I came home to train as a personal trainer so that I could launch a program that would help those that love the nomad lifestyle.

I have been working hard over the past year to get qualified and gain experience in the industry so that I can bring you a wealth of knowledge not only that I have gained through my own travelling fitness journey but also through the books, science and teachers that I have had.

This is for:

  • Women that know they need to workout

  • Women that understand the importance of health and nutrition

  • Women that are building their own life on their own terms

  • Women that have dedication and determination to change their lifestyle

  • Women that are not afraid to be different

This is not for:

  • Women that think they will get a hot body by signing up and not doing the work

  • Women that do not understand the importance of nutrition

  • Men ?

  • Women that think cardio is going to fix all their issues

  • Women that are afraid of building muscle

Your Questions Answered


Once you click the all important button above and are ready to get started you will have access to a members only group on Facebook where you will be able to ask any questions you may have and be able to speak to women all over the world that are going through the same process as you. You will have lifetime access to this group so if you ever want to bounce ideas around or share stories about your travels we will be here for you.

You will also get access to the members only section of the website which will have all your downloads, personalised plans and everything you need to get started.


Nope, all you need is some space


On average you will be given 4 workouts per week that will last 1 hour each. If you have additional goals you can add in cardio to the plan to boost your fat loss.


On average you will be given 4 workouts per week that will last 1 hour each. If you have additional goals you can add in cardio to the plan to boost your fat loss.


If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the 4 weeks you can have your money back. This is how confident I am that if you follow the plan. Stick to within your TDEE and follow all guidance you will reach your goal.

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