travel Thailand After living in Thailand for 7 months there are certain things that you just come to except as normal part of life so here are my 8 things you should know before travelling Thailand: 

1.     Things will take as long as they take – Regardless of your plans, Thai people do not work within your plan for them. They simply move at their own pace, be that dinner, transport or school

2.     You get what you are given – When you go to a restaurant you order your food and what comes out is completely not what you thought you were going to get, eat it anyway. Thai’s hate confrontation and therefore don’t like it when you complain about their food. Think of it as a great chance to try something new.

3.     If your heading remote be prepared to be a tourist attraction yourself – I am in so many family photos I have lost count. Just embrace the fact that they love your skin colour and just want to be around you; that can include you holding babies, pets and Travel Thailand
anything else.

4.     They will do anything for you – Thai people have a heart of gold. If you ask for directions they will take you personally, if you go out for lunch they will insist on paying even though you know they can’t afford to – most of the time they will even buy you dinner too just to make sure you are eating.

5.     If you are travelling be prepared for a long trip – one bus can have a lot of issues that you simply never expected. Sitting on the side of the road for 3 hours in the middle of the night half way between what you thought was one bus ride can and does happen. Embrace it get comfy and start making some new friends.

6.     Chances are you will be robbed – It is a poor country and people don’t have many luxuries. You can be targeted. Keep your valuables on you at all time. ETravel Thailandven on an overnight bus only thing in your big bag should be clothes – Everything else keep in your day bag and lock it.

7.     Buckets of alcohol are normal – They may be normal but remember the alcohol to soft drink ratio and drink sensibly. If you go remote you can bring your own alcohol to clubs.

8.     The scooter burn is almost inevitable – whether you rent one or hop on the back of a motorcycle taxi be careful when you get off the exhaust runs along one side and can leave a nice long blistered burn mark if you are not careful.

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