We all have certain requirements during our travels. While some look for the finest accommodation available, others find a way to incorporate their healthy lifestyle and look for the best fitness centres in the area.

Indeed, these two contrasting factors represent leisure and routine respectively, but what if there is a way to combine these to come up with a travel agenda that sort of hits two birds with one stone. Here on Travel n Fitness, we previously spoke about veering away from the norms of training; this time, we will focus on the hospitality industry and how hotels put a premium on fitness standards.

The Chicago Marriott O’Hare’s Unique Cardio Program

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Many hoteliers across the globe have developed health and wellness programs to specifically cater to their guests. The Chicago Marriott O’Hare, for instance, offers a weekly ‘Run with the Owner’ training routine. This fitness plan allows travellers to continue on with their usual cardio habit in a relatively safer, more controlled environment. They can also make the most of TRX bands and kettlebells for proper strength training.

Special Yoga Classes at The James Hotel

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While organised runs and cardio programs are becoming more and more popular, The James Hotel in New York City veers away from the norm by presenting yoga classes unlike any other. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of Lower Manhattan high above the hotel, all while improving their flexibility, muscle strength, and posture thanks to a highly sought after routine called Serene Social Rooftop Yoga.

The Hilton Gatwick’s Top Rated 24-Hour Fitness Centre

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If the aforementioned hotels highlight specialised training programs, Hilton Gatwick in London remains different yet effective by sticking to the basics. Other than the Hilton being highly recommended by UK-based airport car parking specialists Parking4Less who operate out of Gatwick, the website claims that its fitness centre – though small – is comprehensive and a feature that is well received by its guests. Trip Advisor even rates the gym four out of five stars for having an all-encompassing set of equipment ranging from Smith and cardio machines, to medicine balls and dumbbells.

Health and fitness trends have – in more ways than one – been driving the hospitality industry’s decisions for quite some time now. These denote anywhere from Hilton Gatwick’s high-rated 24-hour fitness centre, to rooftop yoga classes at The James Hotel, to many other variations. It is a progressively important business choice, as many travellers place the utmost importance on exercising even while on the road.

Come to think of it, fitness, nowadays, is more than just a simple lifestyle trend. It has become a reality, a necessity of sorts. In the end, to adhere to the expectations and requirements of guests, it is absolutely crucial that hotels around the world make wellness a priority.

Have you stayed in any hotels that have some awesome facilities? Please comment below, I will add them to my list of places to visit.

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