It is well past that time of year when your New Years resolutions have passed and you have slowly slipped back into those old habits. That weight you had been so keen to lose at the start of the year has slowly worked its way back on. Summer is around the corner so what do you do?

Get yourself on Groupon! Find some exercise classes that are doing 5 or 10 sessions as a trial for you to give a go. They will drive you to meet some new people and learn something new. That gym membership you have been paying for the last 6 months isn’t going away anyway. I just ended up learning Parkour because of a Groupon voucher I found. So much fun and a great workout by the way. 

Join a new group and find some new activities in your area. I recently found a new running group that is completely free and leaves from very close to my house. I have already made some new friends who motivate me and push me to go weekly.

Set yourself a goal. I have subscribed to do my very first half marathon at the end of the year and would love to be able to complete it in 4 hours. I have it on my vision board and now I am working towards that every week.

Join a sports team. Find a group that has a league you need to be at weekly. You will make some new friends and also have no excuse not to go on a weekly basis after all you would be letting the team down.

Have you found any other ways to stay motivated? I would love to hear about them. Feel free to comment below and share what it is you are doing and where in the world you are.

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Sticking to your goals

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