Food tour in Kuala LumpurLooking for a good food tour in Kuala Lumpur? Want something to take you a little further off the beaten track? Simply Enak – Wet Tour may just be the perfect thing.

Chow Kit is a off the beaten track and is known for its red light district and largest wet market in Kuala Lumpur. Not somewhere for the feint hearted but with an excellent tour guide such as Mimi you cannot go far wrong.

Mimi met me at the train station and guided us to some of the most amazing places I just never would have found on my own. We started at old biscuit Food tour in Kuala Lumpurshops that make biscuits on site, the shop will die with this generation as the younger generation do not see the value in biscuits; this is a massive shame so make sure you get to taste these amazing treats soon!!!

We then headed to a local food court to try some deep fried starters, everything from banana, sweet potato, root vegetables and even fish can be deep fried and served to the locals here.

Mimi is a local so has so much knowledge about the best places to go and the best things to try. There were two other people in our group that were also well travelled so it was hard to find things that we hadn’t tried but she excelled herself and came up trumps ?

Food tour in Kuala LumpurWe had noodles made fresh in the restaurant. Served slightly al dense and with a poached egg and mushrooms. These noodles were a true treat and it was pretty amazing to witness them being made on the shop floor.

Our last stop was to try roti. I already know I love roti and cannot get enough of it but we tried some different types that were new to me. A cheese roti and tissue roti. If you haven’t had a tissue roti before make sure you order with friends. It is rather large and contains a lot of sugar. It is a spun roti covered with sugar and topped with condensed milk.

I would recommend Simply Enak and Mimi to anyone looking for a food tour in Kuala Lumpur. It is a bit more expensive than some of the tours in Kuala Lumpur but it certain is worth it.


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Food tour in Kuala Lumpur

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