riding elephantsThere are many places you can go riding elephants in Thailand and trek through the forest and I am ashamed to say that I have done this in the past but did you know an elephants spine is not designed to carry people for long periods of time?

Unfortunately due to lack of knowledge and understanding elephants have long been abused in Thailand. From their history in logging to riding elephants in trekking camps and even those now used as street elephants to get money from tourists to feed them.

Many elephants that are rescued are very malnourished and have been worked so hard for years they have sores on their feet and bodies. Some elephants can go blind or loose their teeth through old age or accidents and those that use them for work can no longer look after them.

There are ways that you can spend time with elephants without riding elephants in Thailand. I recently spent some time at Elephants World. Here they rescue elephants from all over Thailand. The elephants in the park range from as young as 5 years old all the way to 70.

No elephants are ever turned away from Elephants World, they will always find the space and money to take on an elephant in need and here riding elephants is NOT an option!

You can stay at Elephants World for the day, over night (like we did) or even a month and volunteer and at the park. If you cannot make it to the park then you can make a donation.

Elephants World is currently fighting to keep the land that it has been on since 2008. They need to raise the money to buy it outright so that they can continue their amazing work.


Elephants loose their teeth every few years but at some point they stop growing back. That means that when they loose their teeth they can no longer eat. In the wild these elephants would just die of starvation. At Elephants World they make them sticky rice with sweetcorn or pumpkin and all the nutrients and minerals they need so that these elephants can still lead a healthy life.


Elephants are very similar to humans. They love being with their friends and are very social animals. Bow at Elephants world is blind and deaf and spends all her day with her female mahout. They have such a close connection that Bow doesn’t spend much time with any other elephants. If it wasn’t for Elephants World rescuing Bow and looking after her she may well be dead now.


An elephant will eat around 360kg of food totalling around $80 every single day!

Have you been to any awesome elephant camps that really look after the elephants and don’t let you go riding elephants in Thailand? Please feel free to comment and share your experiences below.

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