Cancelled your gym membership when you started travelling? That should not be an excuse not to continue your hard work. I love travelling and working out in unique places – who needs a gym membership anyway?

Here are some of the places that I trained during my stay in Canggu, Bali. Some are free and others are paid.

  1. Running on the beach. This was the first place I really utilised the beach and started to run barefoot in the Who needs a gym anyway?sand. It is a different experience to wearing trainers and running on hard tarmac but certainly good training. The beach here goes on for so long that you can easily run for 10km and just run through a few rivers on the way. Just make sure the tide is out when you go.
  2. HIIT workouts at home. I found a great resource called DareBee that gives you some great 30 day programs that help you in different areas. I started a 30 day HIIT program and an ab challenge so that I could train at home. You need no equipment although the Internet helps as you can use their handy interval timer.
  3. BaliFit this cross training centre has some fantastic reviews and heaps of classes you can join. I went to one of their warrior training sessions which was a fantastic workout and pushed my limits. They have a great set up and even have a cafe next door serving healthy food and drinks. I did find their classes a little pricy at 200k per session but would certainly suggest a drop who needs a gym anyway?in.
  4. Soham Wellness Center – this place is a touch of luxury to add to your workout. With a 25m outdoor pool, sun lounging area, air conditioned gym and jacuzzi, steam room and plunge pool this place has it all. It is just 150k to drop in for the day but you really could spent the day there relaxing by the pool before hitting the gym and following it up with a chill out in the jacuzzi.
  5. 2Befit – a beach bootcamp run by a local guy was by far the best place I found to train. Sessions run Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s and 7am on Batu Bolong beach. They run a drop is session so no worries if you go once or weekly they are more than happy to welcome you. They guys really push you to your limits, encourage you to push a little bit further and then a bit further still. At just 50k per session this is by far the best value for your money.

Just by asking around and talking to a few locals I found some fantastic places to mix up my training routine. It really is that simple. Have you visited any of the places listed above? Perhaps you can suggest different place I should try next time I am in Canggu? Please comment below I would love to hear what you have to say.

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