So in my quest for better health and fitness I found Isagenix. Or rather it found me.

I met a couple of girls on a Sydney Bloggers Meet Up who told me they work from wherever they want to and travel the world and earn money through network marketing (you can check them out here). Well that got my interest spiked…If you have been following my journey for long you may be aware about my failed attempt with the ipas2 system.

The girls invited me to an event that they were hosting to give me an idea about the products and the business side of things…It was a fantastic evening hosted in a pub in Surrey Hills. I had never been to an event with so much positive energy and friendly people before. So I was intrigued….I went home did some digging and thought maybe this is something I can get into when I have some more money and more time. To be honest the usual excuses came to mind.

Then Elaina and Vic invited me to another event, this one was huge and hosted at the university. So I went along with an open mind still thinking I don’t have much money for this. I say through the whole presentation and afterwards turned to Elaina and said where do I sign up? The science behind the products were amazing, the presenters enthusiasm and commitment were out of this world and the stories about those lives that had been changed because of these products made me think I need to get on bored right now.

So here I am on my 9th day of the program and on my second cleanse day deciding to share my journey with you.

I have to admit the first 5 days were tough, I had a lack of energy that I wasn’t used to; I didn’t go to the gym all week. I felt drained when I woke up in the morning and craved putting real food in my mouth. I dreaded the weekend because I love my food.

The first cleanse day was tough, I ate half the snacks, stressed out at lunch time and cracked at 4pm and ate a cracker with spinach.

During the weekend I ate out everyday but the other 2 meals I had my shakes. I didn’t crave the desserts or sweets that I had done before and I felt healthier at the end of the weekend than I had in a long time.

Today is my second cleanse day and I feel so much better than last week. I haven’t eaten as many snacks, I haven’t cracked, I enjoyed the IsaDelights with a cup of warm cleanse for life whilst at work instead of a cup of tea and had an e+ shot after lunch to keep me going through the afternoon. I also took myself out of the office at lunch time and had a massage to keep me away from foods and people eating.

My energy levels have increased this week and I made it to the gym yesterday. I am taking it easy today but plan to hit the gym for the next 3 days too.

On Friday is day 11 of the programme and time for me to weigh in and measure myself again. I will keep you updated of the progress of my health and fitness.

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