Work as a FreelancerEver wanted to work as a freelancer? The thought is so appealing the freedom to do as you want. Create your own rules and live the way you want to anywhere in the world!

The reality is it is hard! You have to be dedicated and set yourself tasks, limits and teach yourself to work to the deadlines you set.

If you have been following my journey you will know that I recently quit my job to follow my dream of working on my terms. After a few months of learning, making some mistakes and finding the balance between life and work. I wanted to share with you what I have learnt.

Everyone is different and you have to figure out how you work best. I started off in the mindset that I was on holiday and I had all the time in the world to do “work” this is not true! Reality is you are no longer on holiday this is your life!

One decision I made was not to set an alarm. I didn’t want my new life to represent the same as my old life, waking up to alarms and schedules so I get up when I wake up. Usually around 7am.

I do not turn on the TV. This was an error I made to start with and whole days were lost in front of the TV. I make breakfast first then sit down with my shake and check out my emails. As my clients are in Australia and 2 hours ahead I usually have emails by this time. I spend 30 minutes on my emails dealing with any dramas. Then I switch to my blog and scheduling the social media and posting blogs.

I then break around 9.30 – 10 to exercise. This could be a swim or a gym session. This break gets me out of Work as a freelancerthe house so I can return with a fresh head and a fresh mind and be able to concentrate again. After the gym I am ready for the day. I usually go back to my freelance clients for a few hours and deal with anything major. Then I head out for a coffee. This allows me the time to write my next blog and concentrate on engaging in social media. Yes I allow dedicated social media time ? but it allows me to focus my efforts and allows me to concentrate on building those relationships.

The evening is mine to do as I want be that go out, stay in or read a book ?

It is hard to start with and I did spend lots of days wasting my time not sure of my next steps but I am learning. Freelancing is a fun and liberating thing to do but you have to really want to do it!

I hoped that I have helped you a little bit in learning how to structure your day. Remember it is individual to everyone and what works for you may not work for others. I don’t kills myself working long hours because that is not why quit my job to travel and see the world ?

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