I am now half way through a four month Isabody challenge and the struggle is still real. Those that say the urge goes away if you don’t eat sugar must be wrong. I have always struggled with a sweet tooth. IsaBody Challenge

I no longer crave chocolate anymore and i guess that is a combination of bad Australian chocolate and the chocolate protein shakes and healthy bars that I have been eating but the desire for cake with my coffee is still there. How do I handle it? I eat it anyway.

I am working hard to create the body that I want and the lifestyle that I crave but what is the point if your not enjoying it? So if I see a cake I want to have with my coffee I will get the cake!

My choices generally are healthy ones. I enjoy fruit and yogurt as my indulgent treat instead of ice cream. I choose healthy salads when I dine out and I love the results that this is having on my body.

I guess what I am trying to get at is don’t push yourself too hard. Yes aim high but life is about the journey and not about the end result. If you are not enjoying the nutritional program or exercise plan you are on then change it. Life is too short not to love every second of it.

I am working hard this year to carve out a journey for myself that I am proud off. I have no idea where the destination is at the moment but I know I am going to be a healthier happier version of myself when I get there.

If you would like to kick start your journey and join in the Isabody Challenge then let me know. I would love to have some accountability partners on my journey. You can go here for more info or you can comment below.

I would love to know what your journey looks like and how you a shaping it to truly be unique to you. Share in the comments below.

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