It can be hard to stay motivated whilst you are travelling, let alone when you have a million and one things to do with work and everything else.

I know the feeling. You have got about 12 hours of work to do and then you want to see some of the places you are and then you need to sleep at some point. Time gets away from us. So how do you stay on track?

  1. Hire a coach! Speak to someone that will keep you accountable, that will give you workouts you can do anywhere and will be there for you to ask questions and check you have completed them. (HINT: I’m launching my program very soon)
  2. Add times to your diary to workout. These are non-negotiable times in which you have to work out. Setting these times in the calendar at the start of the week is so helpful as it helps you plan your week around your workouts too.
  3. Find a space to work out in as soon as you arrive in your location. This could be your bedroom, the beach or a park down the road. Knowing where you are going to workout can be so helpful when it comes to doing it and if you are already lacking the motivation.
  4. Eat healthily. This may not sound like much but I promise you if you ate a massive pizza or curry then the motivation to workout tends to slide. Eat a good healthy salad or something else and you will still feel motivated to stick to your exercise plan.
  5. Find friends that will work out with you. Sometimes this can be harder than it sounds when you’re travelling. I once had a friend that said she would come for a run with me and she lasted approximately 200meters! She then sat on the beach and waited for me to come back! At least the gesture of support was there I guess.

I am just about to launch my online program for female digital nomads that will help you reach your fitness goals and stay on track whilst you are travelling. If you want to stay updated about the launch then subscribe to my newsletter now.

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