I love cake! In fact I workout so I can eat cake. There I said it!

In order to feel confident in yourself and not gain weight whilst you travel you do not have to starve yourself or not eat the foods you truly want. After all, most of the places you visit it will be the only time you go to eat the weird stuff that is on offer and you should embrace it.

There is a way to ensure you can eat more calories every day. Now I am not saying you should be eating cake every day I am just saying it is something you have the option to do when you increase your TDEE.

Now, what is your TDEE?

TDEE is your Total Daily Energy Expenditure which is basically the calories you can burn per day when you take exercise and your lifestyle into account. The way to increase your TDEE is to increase your muscle mass. Muscle is hungry. It needs lots of calories to sustain it and keep it going, therefore, the more muscle you have the more calories you will need to consume.

So how do you increase muscle mass?

That is easy, workout. Build muscle daily by a range of simple exercises and you will slowly build muscle mass. You can check your muscle mass at any time by using body callipers or a body composition monitor. They have these at most pharmacies, gyms and even in some shopping centres.

As you increase your muscle mass you will need to eat more calories. Now, I have to mention that cake is sugar and will get turned into fat and will not help build or maintain the muscle mass that you are working on however it tastes good and everyone should eat a little bit of what they love every once in a while.

If you are looking for a program that will help you build that all-important muscle whilst you travel the world and build up your TDEE then reach out. My signature program will be launching very soon. Get on the Beta program now. 

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