It can bemotivated to stay fit hard to get motivated to get fit especially in a world where we are always so busy. There are a number of ways I love keeping myself motivated.

  1. Find something you love doing. It can be anything, there are so many different sports from trampoline dodgeball, pole dancing, boxing, cross fit, running, swimming etc… The first thing I would do is find out every sports thing in your area and go try it all. You are bound to find something you enjoy and you may even meet an awesome group of people.
  2. Get in place an accountability team. You can join the community here where we work together to motivate each other and share our wins and our loses. You can find these in team sports too.
  3. Make it part of your routine. Stick to days that you train and that is it. You cannot go on date night, you can’t work those extra hours and you certainly can’t hit the pub a bit earlier on these nights. Put your training into your calendar and stick to it.
  4. It is not just about sports you have to make sure your food and nutrition is also on point when you start working on your body. I have a team of people that help me and make sure I stay on track and even help me get back on track when I have fallen off the bandwagon which happens to all of us ?  flick me a message if you want to find out more about this team and give you all the details.
  5. Vision boards. I am a huge believer that if you see what you want every day it reminds you to stay focused and those things just come naturally to you. Create a vision board of your ideal body, your ideal weight, your ideal outfit and include what you will do if you reach this goal.
  6. Allow yourself treats when you hit milestones. Set a goal and aim high but set yourself mini milestonmotivated to stay fites along the way. Me I love beauty treatments and spas so my reward for a cleansing day is usually a treatment. My reward for reaching a personal best in lifting is a new workout outfit. My reward when I drop that dress size is a new going out outfit. Set your goals and know what your working for and what you get when you get there.
  7. Tell people! The people that will motivate you the most are the haters that don’t believe you can do it. Post your goals on Facebook and allow your friends and family to see. This is the ultimate motivation. There will always be people that say you won’t be able to do it and the feeling when you prove them wrong is amazing. You may also find yourself your very own support crew! I share my goals and I have random people checking in with me to see how I am going. It helps me stay accountable.

I hope that this helps you stay motivated to get fit. If you have any tips that have helped you stay motivated to get fit then please comment below and share them.

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Motivated to get fit

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