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5 Lower Body Exercises you could do in your Airbnb

5 Lower Body Exercises you could do in your Airbnb

We all know the feeling, you are always travelling and finding it hard to get to a gym or find a park to go for a run so here are 5 exercises you could do every day in your Airbnb room that will help you keep on track. Burpees - I love burpees! I can see you rolling...

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Sticking to your Exercise Goals

It is well past that time of year when your New Years resolutions have passed and you have slowly slipped back into those old habits. That weight you had been so keen to lose at the start of the year has slowly worked its way back on. Summer is around the corner so...

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How to get yourself motivated to get fit

It can be hard to get motivated to get fit especially in a world where we are always so busy. There are a number of ways I love keeping myself motivated. Find something you love doing. It can be anything, there are so many different sports from trampoline dodgeball,...

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Simply Enak – Food tour in Kuala Lumpur

Looking for a good food tour in Kuala Lumpur? Want something to take you a little further off the beaten track? Simply Enak - Wet Tour may just be the perfect thing. Chow Kit is a off the beaten track and is known for its red light district and largest wet market in...

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How to Travel for Free

What if you didn't need money? What if you could travel for free? What if you could pick a place and live there cheaper than you could at home? I am just going to let that sit a minute with your imagination.....where would you go? What would you do? Who would you take...

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Hey! I'm Deasha. I'm a personal trainer and digital nomad. Travel n Fitness is my home on the internet where I talk about all things, well, Travel and Fitness!

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What getting my passport stolen taught me.

You always hope it won’t happen to you but when you get your passport stolen it is almost like the world has fallen apart, especially as a traveller. Let me tell you how it happened to me: I was in Costa Rica in San Jose for New Years Eve. I went out for the evening...

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Returning to the UK

You may have wondered why I have been quiet recently and what has been going on in my life for that to happen. Well let me spill the beans. I moved back to the UK and set up home in Manchester. The reason? After 5 years of always needing a visa to live somewhere and...

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How do you eat healthy when travelling Asia?

I often get asked how to eat healthy when travelling in Asia. It is hard to stay on track when you are travelling because there are so many distractions and so many good treats to try. I talk to so many people that have put on weight after travelling. So here are a...

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