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Welcome to Travel N Fitness and thank you for stumbling on my little piece of the World Wide Web. This has been my baby since 2012 and it has evolved, changed and developed 100 times by now and I am so excited about the new direction I will be taking it in.

Travel N Fitness started in 2012 when I quit the job that was drowning me in debt and left the country to travel the world. I booked a one way ticket to Thailand and really had no idea what I was doing. When I look back now at my life up until that day it was dramatically different to what it is now. I lived on energy drinks and junk food, I commuted 3 hours per day to a job that paid me just over minimum wage and although I went to the gym, I didn’t know what I was doing and was not going often enough to the see the benefits.

Fast forward to now, I have travelled the world, stayed in hostels, hotels, slept on sofas, floors and met millions of amazing people on my travels. I have tried my hand at all sorts of different sports, exercises, systems, diets you name it I have probably tried it. I am often told I should write a book about my adventures, maybe one day I will do just that.


I came back to the UK to focus on training as a personal trainer, on growing my knowledge in every area of fitness and nutrition and really taking what  I already knew to the next level.

I know for the entrepreneurs out there, that we never quiet feel ready to make the leap but here is my giant leap to help those people just like me that travel the world unapologetically doing what they love and get the hot body they want whilst they travel without having to scour the internet and do workouts that are not planed for them and do not have someone to ask for help or make sure that they are on the right track.

I am here to tell you, you can have it all, you can reach for the stars in your business and on your travels and you can have a smoking, beach ready body all year round.

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