Cloncurry is a place not many tourists or backpackers will find themselves, 10 hours inland of Townsville it is a bit off the beaten track. After spending close to a year there I grew to love the town, it quirks and the people. If you do find yourself in the town then make sure you get to know the locals, embrace the culture and enjoy it, this is where you learn to be a ‘real’ Aussie.

Cloncurry1. Chinaman damn

This damn is a stunning place to go off roading, swimming, jet skiing, wake boarding or what ever other toys you have at your disposal. The stunning landscape is a backdrop for many locals at the weekends and people set themselves up with tents, beers and BBQ’s for the whole day.

2. Mary Kathleen Township

A short drive out of Cloncurry and then an off road drive will take you to an abandoned township that was home to families who mined uranium. The town is now populated by cows but the place has an strange vibe to it. All the houses were sold, lifted up and relocated to other areas around the country so you can see the road layouts and the foundations for all the houses.  

3. Sunset and thunderstorms

On the way to the chinaman damn there is a lookout point. You should come up here in the evening and Cloncurrywatch the sunset. It is the perfect place to see for miles and miles in all directions. During the rain season it is stunning to watch the thunderstorms unfold around you. Sometimes there can be as many as 4 different storms happening at the same time and you can see them all from this view point.

4. Races

The races in Cloncurry is a good country town day out. Everyone gets dressed up and looks their best. It is a little way out of town so a designated driver is best or a taxi as the drink driving police are always out and about in Cloncurry. When you get there you will get to meet some of the most influential people in the town. VIP get a plastic chair and table close to the bar and you have to walk across the grass to get an up close view of the horses. As with race day you can also bet on the other sports and races that are happening around the country at the same time and there is usually a helpful cowboy or local who will help you figure out the ropes.

5. Australia Day

After 2 Australia Days in Cloncurry and a couple in Sydney I can safely say that a country Australia Day is where the fun is. The Oasis bar puts on a great show with a family fun event that runs from 10am with games like thong throwing, beer barrel tossing, rugby throws, darts, pool and even biscuit eating games. The whole day is timed perfectly well so just when you think you are getting bored of drinking and talking to a certain group of people another game starts and you have some new fun and new people to chat to. It is usually heavily filled with alcohol so be prepared for the endless day of beer.

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