It can be hard to fit in a work out to your extra busy day especially if you travelling. I always research my workouts before I hit the gym to make sure that I have a plan of what I am going to do and therefore I am not wasting time. Here are a few 10 minute workouts that you could try before a shower or bed.

  1. This is great if you have got loads of explosive energy that you need to work off. Fitness Magazine
  2. Great 10 minute workout you need no equipment for and can do from anywhere from Bob Harper from The Biggest Looser.
  3. Here is a week long worth of 10 minute workouts that would help you shed those pounds from personal trainer Scot Liadler
  4. Lastly I am an ab advocate. I am always throwing in some ab exercises as it is always good to have a strong core. So here is a 10 min video to follow.

Let me know how you get on try it for a week to complete one before a shower in the morning and start your day with a bang, it is only 10 minutes of your time.

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