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Recharge, refuel and switch off

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I am driven by adventure. I am driven by the need to be busy on the go and over achieving. Sometimes you need to recharge.

I am always switched on thinking about what I have to do next, the next workout the next job, the next meal, next catch up with friends. I am always thinking. However I recently went to my Dads place in Spain and couldn’t have been more switched off. The result?

I slept for hours, I ate loads, I walked miles, I sat by the pool and drank beer.

I realised that I have not relaxed for an extended period of time for a while. I know some of you will laugh and say you were travelling the world last year you were always relaxed but the reality was I was constantly worried. Worried about the next pay check, worrying about the next place to stay, worrying about picking up some more work, worrying about the pets I was looking after, worrying about meeting new people  and not spending all day every day alone.

I am sure anyone who has travelled long term can tell you it is not all sunset beers, beach days and laughing with new friends.

So why can I relax now? I am finally comfortable. I am in a stable place with a steady job, I have a few freelance clients and a few business ideas up my sleeve. I am by no means settled I don’t think I will ever be that; there are far to many places to go and people to meet for that but I can see the future that I am carving out for myself and I am very happy with the way it is looking.

Part of my time in Spain was spent reading “breaking the habit of being you” by Joe Dispenza which I would recommend to everyone. It talks you through the science of meditation and how using quantum physics you can bring into your life what you deserve so over the next 4-8 weeks I will be working on learning to calm down my brain waves, breaking into my subconscious and really getting to grips with who I am and who I want to be.

Watch this space could be an interesting journey.

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Recharge, refuel and switch off


  1. Lolo says:

    I’ve been feeling that way too! When we travel, we go, go, go and when we’re home it’s blog, blog, blog and I feel like we have no real time to just relaxxxxxxxxx. I wish you luck on calming down your mind! #feetdotravel

  2. Oana says:

    Omg I can relate to this so much, I went to visit my mom in Spain a week ago and it was the most relaxing holiday I had in years. I slept a lot, I ate loads of Spanish dishes, I hiked and I sat at the pool for hours. Sometimes is good to just take time for yourself.

  3. This is so timely and I can totally relate. The merry-go-round is real and although I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’ll be interested in your journey to pick up some tips. 😉

  4. I like your suggestion of mediation. I try to do that every day which helps with any stress or anxiety with my travels. I will have to check out the book. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

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