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November 13, 2016
House Sitting

5 Easy steps to make sure you nail your next house sitting application

Decided you want to House Sit? Not sure how nail your house sitting application? It can be tricky to nail that first one but it is […]
November 7, 2016

Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is hard work, terrifying, lonely and so worth it! Sorry I am not going to tell you it is all roses. It is tough […]
August 12, 2016
riding elephants

Please Don’t go Riding Elephants in Thailand

There are many places you can go riding elephants in Thailand and trek through the forest and I am ashamed to say that I have done […]
November 1, 2016

The 5 things to look for when hosting your website

If you are setting up a new business one of the first things you need is a hosting plan. This is one of the most important […]
August 9, 2016
Cashflow Quadrant

Cashflow Quadrant Takeaways

Love Robert Kiyosaki? Don’t have the time to read the cashflow quadrant? Well I do 😀 here are a few takeaways from his Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW […]
August 7, 2016
Work as a Freelancer

Learning to work as a freelancer

Ever wanted to work as a freelancer? The thought is so appealing the freedom to do as you want. Create your own rules and live the […]
July 29, 2016
How to keep fit when you travel

How to Keep Fit when you Travel – Part 2

October 26, 2016

How to get yourself motivated to get fit

It can be hard to get motivated to get fit especially in a world where we are always so busy. There are a number of ways […]
July 8, 2016
Muay Thai

Muay Thai Training – Thailand

Ever wanted to try Muay Thai training in Thailand? I am no fighter and neither do I want to be but it is so much fun […]
June 26, 2016
who needs a gym anyway?

Who needs a gym anyway? – Canggu, Bali

Cancelled your gym membership when you started travelling? That should not be an excuse not to continue your hard work. I love travelling and working out […]
June 11, 2016

Changing your body shape one day at a time – The Isabody Challenge

I am now half way through a four month Isabody challenge and the struggle is still real. Those that say the urge goes away if you […]